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raising awareness where people organise

Organisational transformation

Our consulting approach is simple but effective:
first we will have to learn how help you to transform in your particular reality and context. Every organisation is unique and in the understanding of this lies the way forward.
next step is: designing together a straight forward, human centric and realistic path that raises the awareness of why, how and what we do in your organisation.  In our experience that is the only thing that makes change both lasting and ongoing.
Thirdly: We will use the potential within your organisation and the methods and people that fit the particular design, to implement the things we want to change in real time en real situations.

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Individual  and team transformation

If you need help as an individual or a team to explore your own way into change you can choose a mentor or follow one or more of our training  modules titled: Attention, Intention, Equilibrium, Dynamics, Creativity & Future. These modules really take you through the whole experience of change en providing transformation.
We have an excellent group of mentors standing by to support you.
The cources we have developed in cooperation with Unitiave.

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Over 25 years we have assisted more then 50 companies, universities, area's in cities, with their change processes and what we learned is this: An effective transformation, takes time. To change, to find out what the changes need and to practise those changes in the way you do things and what the context asks of you. You will need resilience. We will provide you the means and insight in the process to find your own quality in durability.

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